Women's Hair Loss Problems | 3 Reasons Why Your Life Penchants That Could Be Killing Your Hair

Having a head full of hair is almost like a confidence booster, so it's no secret that losing it could potentially shatter your self-esteem. While some causes of hair loss are medical or hereditary, others are likely because of the way you choose to live your life (or are stuck in situations you didn't necessary ask for). If any of these sound familiar, you're most likely suffering from lifestyle-related hair loss and may need to consider regrowth treatments to return to normal.

You Smoke Regularly

Smoking has a direct link to thinning out hair, so your choice of cigarettes every day will have a significant impact on your appearance. An online resource covering details about tobacco in Australia revealed that smoking can trigger alopecia, which is a gradual loss of hair problem. Smoking may also trigger premature grey hair. This is because the toxic chemicals found in tobacco could potentially damage your hair molecules. Quitting smoking is not only great for your hair, but also for your skin, nails and overall health.

You're Going Through Massive Stress Personally Or At Work

While it some cases, you probably didn't ask for the stress, it's worth knowing how your lifestyle could be causing your loss of hair problem. Stress can emerge in a multitude of forms –– perhaps you're having a hard time with your boss, or maybe you're going through a much dreaded divorce. In fact, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine research indicates that women going through a divorce or whose partner has died were more likely to suffer from hair loss than single or married women. It's much easier to say than actually put into action, but staying calm is the trick to controlling your hair loss problem.

You're A Junk Food Lover

Love those burgers and fries every day for lunch? As tasty as they are, these meals do nothing to help your hair, your skin or even your health in general. Junk food is full of salt, sugar and fats, which could remove all nutrients from your body over time. Finland researchers found that high-sugar and high-carbohydrate diets could possibly result in androgenic alopecia (AGA) hair loss for both men and women. Reducing your junk food intake and eating healthier foods like bean sprouts, raisings, fish and eggs with good protein can reduce your hair loss problems.

Some of the decisions you make in your life can affect the way your hair looks on your scalp. In some cases, hair regrowth may be your best option, while in others, certain changes to the way you live could trigger positive results.