Why Turmeric Will be Your New Favourite Beauty Product

If you have ever enjoyed a night out at an Indian restaurant, you have no doubt consumed turmeric, perhaps without even realising. Turmeric is a spice that is very commonly found in Indian cuisine, and it's this spice that gives a lot of Indian food its yellow tinge. While turmeric adds a beautiful flavour dimension to many Indian dishes, you might not realise that this spice also has many beauty benefits, specifically for skin and hair. But how can you actually use turmeric as a cosmetic product? 

Reduce facial hair. If you are a woman with some light facial hair, this is something that probably bothers you. There are many hair removal options out there. You can use a laser treatment or book regular waxing appointments, for example. If, however, you want to try an all-natural, pain free solution, turmeric is your friend. Make a paste with chickpea flour, turmeric, and water, and apply this to your face for twenty minutes a day and you will soon notice a difference in the growth of unwanted facial hair.

Clear acne and acne scars. Anybody who suffers from acne can testify how debilitating the condition can be when all you want is clear skin. Turmeric is definitely something to try because it has miraculous anti-inflammatory properties, and it doesn't dry out your skin like chemical acne treatments. You can also give your face a double hit of turmeric by consuming a teaspoon of turmeric in warm water each day, and by applying it to your face as a paste with some water. Not only does turmeric work miracles with acne, but also unsightly acne scars. You can mix it with things like milk, coconut oil, oatmeal, olive oil and other natural products that are kind to your skin to create masks, cleansers, and scrubs of your choosing.

Tinted moisturiser. You can combine the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric with its aesthetic properties and create a tinted moisturiser that gives you a really health glow. The deep yellow of turmeric is very powerful, like one of the expensive pigments you would buy at a makeup counter, only a fraction of the price. Add a tiny bit of the turmeric to your daily moisturiser, and you'll look radiant during Australia's winter months when there is less sunshine. At the same time, the anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric will work their magic on your skin right throughout the day.