Fancy a Different Look This Summer? Try Hair Etchings

If you fancy changing your look completely this summer and trying something eye-catchingly different for the beach this year, why not consider hair etchings?  Many hair salons now offer this technique, and it's sure to be the look that's right on trend when the sun comes out this year. But what is hair etching? Read on to find out more.

What is hair etching?

Hair etching is also known as hair carving or hair tattooing.  Hair etching involves using clippers and a cutthroat razor to shave detailed, intricate designs into very short hair. Designs can be further embellished by using colours to add detail and provide impact.  

Originally, the technique was used on men's short hair to give individuality to their style, and designs were limited to simple, razored lines. Now both sexes are embracing the look with the result of some amazing hair art on display.

The technique

Your stylist will begin by clipping a section of your hair very short, right down to your scalp. This forms the blank 'canvas' on which the etching will be created. A cutthroat razor is then used to shave a freehand picture or design onto your scalp. Finally, colour can be added to the design, if desired, using long-lasting dyes.

Hair etching designs typically last for about four weeks, as your hair will naturally grow out, removing the pattern.  You will then need to have the etching done again.  This means that you need never get bored with your hairstyle, as you can choose to have a fresh design applied each month if you want to!

If you have longer hair, you needn't miss out on this emerging trend.  Layered hair over etchings is a great look; simply have your hair etched at the nape of your neck under long hair, and then pile the length up on top of your head to reveal the design beneath.  You could even choose an etched design to coordinate with your favourite jewellery and bring your whole outfit together for a special night out.

Caring for your etching is simple; you just wash and condition your hair as normal. There's no need for any special shampoo or conditioner, and the colours used won't wash out.

In conclusion

Hair etching is a look that's sure to catch on fast this summer. It's great for both guys and girls, and the temporary nature of the technique means that you can ring the changes time and time again without having to wait ages for your hair to grow.  Why not ask in your hair salon for details and to see a portfolio of their creative specialist's work?