Some Commonly Asked Questions About Using Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be used to give someone with short hair the look of longer hair, or they can used to fill in fine or thinning hair, making it seem thicker and more luxurious. There are a number of different types of hair extensions you can use for yourself and choose when at the salon, so it's vital that you understand some basic information about how they work so you can make the right choice. Note the following questions you might consider with a stylist.

1. What technique for applying extensions is best?

This will be determined by the length of time you want extensions in your hair, as well as your own natural hair and its overall texture and condition. If you want extensions for a party or other event, you might choose those that clip in quickly and which you can take out yourself once the day is over. For long-term use, you can have extensions that are woven or sewn into your hair; these may last for months, but you may need assistance in having them taken out. Heat applications are also very long-lasting, but the heat can sometimes damage very fine and brittle hair. Your stylist can typically give you the best recommendation for what you want in particular.

2. How do you wash and dry hair extensions?

Your stylist can give you actual direction on how to wash your hair with extensions, but note that you usually need to keep your head straight and very gently massage shampoo from the root to the tip, without twisting your hair onto your head or otherwise pulling and tugging at the extensions. Drying the extensions is often the same; you can very gently comb out the area with extensions as you dry the hair, but you need to avoid flipping your head over, twisting the hair into a brush, and otherwise putting stress on the extensions.

3. Do hair extensions damage the hair?

Hair extensions are usually very safe for hair, but this will often depend on the technique of the stylist and how well you care for the extensions. If you tug and pull at them or use a very high setting on your hair dryer for extensions applied with heat, this can cause them to pull at your own hair or even burn your hair. When you do get extensions, be sure you know how to work with them every day so they don't damage your hair and they last as long as possible.

Keep these things in mind next time you go to the salon or buy hair extensions wholesale.