How Calendula Skin Creams Naturally Renew Your Youth

You're never too old to take care of your skin. Of course, as your skin ages, it becomes more sensitive to harsh products and treatments. That's why it's always a good idea to stick with natural skincare creams in your later years rather than chemical-filled lotions. When you buy organic herbal skin cream online, look out for an ingredient called calendula. More than just a pretty, golden flower, calendula is fast becoming one of the most popular skincare ingredients for the older generation, and it's easy to see why. [Read More]

Tips to Maintaining Healthy Dyed Hair

Colouring your hair is a great way to dramatically spruce up your appearance without making drastic changes to your body. However, what some people do not realise is that maintaining colour-treated hair is quite labour intensive. If you are not aware of what practices would be best for your hair, you could end up damaging your tresses and having to deal with dry and brittle hair. Read on to learn a few tips that would assist you in maintaining healthy, dyed hair. [Read More]

Women's Hair Loss Problems | 3 Reasons Why Your Life Penchants That Could Be Killing Your Hair

Having a head full of hair is almost like a confidence booster, so it's no secret that losing it could potentially shatter your self-esteem. While some causes of hair loss are medical or hereditary, others are likely because of the way you choose to live your life (or are stuck in situations you didn't necessary ask for). If any of these sound familiar, you're most likely suffering from lifestyle-related hair loss and may need to consider regrowth treatments to return to normal. [Read More]

Why Turmeric Will be Your New Favourite Beauty Product

If you have ever enjoyed a night out at an Indian restaurant, you have no doubt consumed turmeric, perhaps without even realising. Turmeric is a spice that is very commonly found in Indian cuisine, and it's this spice that gives a lot of Indian food its yellow tinge. While turmeric adds a beautiful flavour dimension to many Indian dishes, you might not realise that this spice also has many beauty benefits, specifically for skin and hair. [Read More]